Things to Know

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This is a list of some things considered relevant from the perspective of someone reviewing a job candidate’s front-end development abilities. I jotted these from various articles and forums posted online.

  • Understand DOM (what it is, why it’s related)
  • XML / Namespaces
  • Understanding javascript
  • Knowing approaches to componentization (XBL, HTC) – plus
  • Understand object-oriented principles
  • Javascript closures
  • Memory leaks in browsers
  • Good HTML / CSS design principles
  • As in reviewing an online portfolio of examples:

  • Does HTML and CSS validate?
  • Does presentation render consistently between browsers (cross browser compatability)
  • Does the work have javascript errors? Are the errors making their way to the presentation layer, or caught with a try / catch block?
  • Form validation
  • regex
  • MM_preloader? (bad?)
  • Be able to properly break down a design into its semantic components
  • Name at least 3 things that fail in IE and the workarounds used for IE
  • As a task during an interview or pre-qual:

  • Create a company intranet that follows:
    1. a simple 3 column layout
    2. a good looking table using CSS
    3. dynamic loading using XML and javascript

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