ACHFederal Website Build

I have gotten to work on a lot of websites in my position with AREA203 Marketing, including the redesign for ACHFederal. For this project, I took the design and beginnings of code that another team member started with and turned it all into a working WordPress theme.

A lot of WordPress customization was done to this theme, including special breadcrumb navigation for interior subpages. A lot of this project consisted of cross browser testing. A main component of this site, for the client, was the ability to edit and upload documents, both secure and non-secure.

Lilan Laishley Website Redesign

I’ve been doing work for astrologer and counselor Lilan Laishley for quite some time. Recently, we collaborated on the redesign of her main website. This project was built from scratch using WordPress.

I chose WordPress because I enjoy it and Lilan was already familiar with it from a past project. She’s also a great learner when it comes to administering her own content. WordPress was a good fit for Lilan’s blogging goals as well.

For this redesign, Lilan wanted to clearly define her areas of expertise from the homepage, but with plenty of opportunity to click through to other areas of the website. She also wanted to list her recent blog posts on the homepage. Newsletter signup was also important for the new version of the site, since her initial pseudo-launch tied in with a global women’s launch that aimed for increased traffic and email distribution signups.

For this particular project, I was responsible for the web design as well as the web development. All photography and graphical elements were hand crafted either from scratch or photos supplied by Lilan.

Questions to master – front end dev related


  1. Provide an example of closure in javascript.
  2. How do you create an object using a function constructor?
  3. How would you dynamically populate the following into all elements with a class name of ?news-story? on a page using a) jQuery and b) raw javascript:


    {“items”: [
    “title”: “sample 1”,
    “author”: “author 1”

    “title”: “sample 2”,
    “author”: “author 2”

    expected output:

    sample 1

    By: author 1

    sample 2

    By: author 2


  1. Provide sample markup/css for the following module:

    required interaction (with javascript, if desired feel free to use a library of choice):

    Clicking on a topic link (left-side) loads new content on the right side content well


  1. Write a program in Javascript that prints the numbers from 1 to 100 into a web page.
    But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”.
    For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”.

    Then repeat, and do a version in PHP (or some other server side language). Please submit the server-side code for review.

I can’t disclose where these questions came from, but I’m going to use them as a guide on what to learn, if I don’t already know the solutions.

Quick tip: Drupal menus, Hiding menu title

Since it is required to have a name for each menu, and no options to show or hide the menu title on the front end, I found myself fumbling for a way to hide the title, using native backend Drupal functionality.

Menu name is required here:
Home › Administer › Site building › Primary Links > Edit Menu

To hide your menu title, you have to go to Home › Administer › Site building › Blocks and click Configure next to the menu for which you want to hide the menu title. Once in the block configuration view for your menu, look for Block specific settings. All you have to do is put a space (spacebar) as the title, and nothing else.

Seems like there would be an option available to echo it to the front or not, but hope my little work around helps, and saves you some time.