Questions to master – front end dev related


  1. Provide an example of closure in javascript.
  2. How do you create an object using a function constructor?
  3. How would you dynamically populate the following into all elements with a class name of ?news-story? on a page using a) jQuery and b) raw javascript:


    {“items”: [
    “title”: “sample 1”,
    “author”: “author 1”

    “title”: “sample 2”,
    “author”: “author 2”

    expected output:

    sample 1

    By: author 1

    sample 2

    By: author 2


  1. Provide sample markup/css for the following module:

    required interaction (with javascript, if desired feel free to use a library of choice):

    Clicking on a topic link (left-side) loads new content on the right side content well


  1. Write a program in Javascript that prints the numbers from 1 to 100 into a web page.
    But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”.
    For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz”.

    Then repeat, and do a version in PHP (or some other server side language). Please submit the server-side code for review.

I can’t disclose where these questions came from, but I’m going to use them as a guide on what to learn, if I don’t already know the solutions.

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