AREA203 Website

AREA203 Marketing in Chattanooga, TN is a full service marketing agency, specializing in interactive marketing, brand identity, website design, print advertising and more. I currently work at AREA203 as a Front End Developer, working mostly with email marketing campaigns, PHP microsites, and WordPress sites.

I was responsible to building the WordPress template structure for most of the AREA203 website. I used html, CSS, PHP and WordPress functions and tags to pull a working design together, based from a delivered creative from the designer. Cross browser testing and other troubleshooting was involved. I collaborated along side other UX developers to create a fully functional online experience for the agency, which, with their help, included jQuery sliders and portfolio navigation.

Some of the more difficult tasks that had to be overcome was trying to stick with native WordPress functions and tags while creating a fully intuitive interior navigation. The AREA203 website was fun to build.

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