Optimize your LinkedIn profile using Top Search Keywords stats

I recently had a discussion with one of my colleagues at AREA203 Digital about LinkedIn, wondering how I could use the various stats provided in my profile view to optimize my LinkedIn profile for LinkedIn search, and as a result, Google search.

I found this article after doing a Google search to find out how to use LinkedIn Top Search Keywords stats. Another article I found mentioned even more about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile using the keyword metric, which I found equally as interesting. Basically, if you find a particular keyword is helping people find you through LinkedIn search, you can either play on that to draw people in, or omit that keyword throughout your profile if you want to be found less frequently by that particular keyword.

Sounds fun to test and tweak, so over the next few weeks I’ll do some optimization of my own. Here are my keywords as of this posting:

1. rina 6%
2. hatcher 3%
3. area 203 seo 2%
4. wordpress 2%
5. seo graphic design chattanooga 2%
6. php 2%
7. rina a 2%
8. audience development 2%
9. brian mcminn 2%
10. jeremy 1%
11. area203 1%
12. nick richer 1%
13. jeremy dickson 1%
14. buckaroo 1%
15. php developer html 1%

My name, Rina, is fairly uncommon. Because of this, I find it interesting that my top keyword is rina, which makes me curious to know which Rina people are actually searching for. I have highlighted in bold the keywords I will plan to tweak this week and monitor for changes in this top keyword search stat.

I really enjoy using LinkedIn; it is one of my more coveted social media networks because it is tied to my career and seeking out intelligent people to connect with. LinkedIn makes user interface updates all the time, which makes it increasingly a joy to use. I like how they guide you through building out your profile in an encouraging way using gamification technique, such as progress bar to completion.

I also feel like I get insider info because of my Personal Plus LinkedIn subscription. It’s fun just to click through all the metrics and make tweaks to see if they make an impact.

To check out some of the updates I’ve monitored on my LinkedIn profile, check out my update post!