How to find salary information for user experience positions

There are some really great salary calculator tools across the web. Whether you are happily employed in a job or just beginning your job search, rest assured there are plenty of tools to cover the gamut of the task at hand.

On occasion, I will casually search for salary information in my industry, namely, user experience. After a recent search, I happened upon the Indeed salary tool. Now, I had previously visited this site in searches before. But, Indeed seems to have made some minor enhancements to their salary search tool that include a salary comparison function. I thought that to be quite helpful.

In my case, I was curious to see how my job title compared to related titles that I see across LinkedIn posts and other reference sites. So, I added the titles and this is what I got:

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s not too shabby. This is me comparing closely related positions for the same location. If you could move anywhere, well, I could see you using this search tool to compare one job title in different locations. I imagine that’s what most people use it for.

Here, I have demonstrated for you what results one might see in comparing one title against different locations:

As you can see, it’s kind of fun to do this kind of searching. Maybe you have aspirations to have an amazing kind of title, in an amazing place, that pays relatively well. Hopefully, this tool will help you decide where that amazing place will be.

Good luck in your searching!