Facebook Home for an evening

Facebook Home

From the Facebook Home landing page, you can see my phone - the large one, in the back! (Source: https://www.facebook.com/home#home)

I was approached on Friday to download, install, use, and test Facebook Home as “the first to have it at AREA203 Digital” (see the original tweet). So, I did. I installed it.

Caveat: Honestly, I have Facebook but don’t interact with it as though it’s the latest and greatest platform out there. I just typically do my thing with whatever platform is suitable in the moment. I miss a lot of the experience upgrades that Facebook intends users to swoon over. But, I’m okay being out of that loop, honestly.

While I appreciate making twitter news by being the first to have a newly released, hot-off-the-press app, at the agency I work at, I really was not all that thrilled with the experience of Facebook Home. I didn’t realize it would quite literally take over my screen, the experience I’ve come to know and love as my personal Android device interface.

I lasted the evening through, but on my way home from my evening out, I uninstalled it.

Top reasons to uninstall Facebook Home:

  1. I like my Android interface better.
  2. I don’t like activating my screen to find a stranger’s facebook post and picture in full screen on my phablet.
  3. I like having control over my device, and Facebook Home took that away from me.
  4. Facebook Home caters to those who covet Facebook; it’s not nearly as important to me.
  5. I agree with Stephen Wan, who I’ve never met or known till I ran across his thoughts on Facebook Home.

I’m sure there are people who have reasons to want to use Facebook Home. But, I’m willing to be they are distracted easily by shiny objects and a screen full of strangers and status that they didn’t realize they cared so much about till now, as they are forced to see them while using their phone.

I appreciate the try, Facebook. I’m sure there will be some adopters. But, overall, I’m happy to fall off that bandwagon and get a toe smashed by the wagon wheel. I’ll live 🙂