Mobile loan application

When tasked with taking an online loan application to mobile, I designed for both the native mobile experience (an app) and a mobile optimized experience (running in a browser across devices).

The project started as native, but because of the business and technology constraints, native was not an option so I moved that experience to a more general experience that would run well in a mobile browser.

I led this project from wireframes and user flows to guiding design across three different brands utilizing the same information architecture.

UX Audit: Loan application decision pages

As part of a larger brand loyalty and optimization initiative, I audited the decision pages of an online loan application for a multi-million dollar financial services client. Essentially, there was poor use of space on each of the three decision pages that a user could see upon completion of the loan application.

The goal was to utilize the space for more branding opportunity and customer service. For instance, when a user is denied and lands on the “I’m sorry” page, they should have a better experience in understanding why and what their next steps will or should be, otherwise the only thing for the user to do is read a couple lines of text and close the browser.

Instead of allowing them to walk away with nothing else to consider, the page design would need to be shifted toward a more thoughtful experience.

FAVE TV – User testing and website audit

The FAVE TV usability audit allowed me to coordinate a user test utilizing the vendor. I wanted to survey 10 users through the process of visiting the FAVE TV website, which included discovery of the FAVE product, product details, pricing, value, and purchase steps. I kept the pool of test users to a fairly small number for cost, time to review the videos, and also felt like 10 would allow for a good mix of users who would all be attempting the same list of tasks.

After starting the test, I was able to review videos and audio of users making their journey through the site in search of answers to the five tasks. From that qualitative data, I could then begin making recommendations for improved design based, attempting to solve for the barriers encountered by test users of the site.

In short, the audit resulted in a thorough investigation into why more users weren’t converting on the site and the recommendations that would improve the rate of successful purchases. Among the recommendations, better content and navigation organization. This can be achieved through mapping the flow and making sure there are as few steps as possible from beginning to end, and, that the order in which the content should be consumed is reflected in the information architecture.

Arch Advantage

UI / UX Design Case Study – Arch Advantage

Arch Advantage

Arch Advantage

Flexible Dental Payment Solution

UX / UI of product interfaces (Kiosk, Provider Portal)
UX / UI for the website

LinkedIn Optimization Update – August 2013

Update, as of August 7, 2013 (note: LI changed the UI a bit, so pasting this info is not longer as a table, but you get the idea).

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