Now that I found some focus, I have my coffee within reach and diagramming tool in hand. Time to crank some stuff out, finally. Time to listen to something new.

Hazes creates those sounds that you just kind of lose yourself in – the zoning kind of tune that forms a plane of creativity your brain just sort of glides along with no regard to time. Their sound is trippy and low beat enough to not send brain cells into chaos mode, but energizing enough to fuel the creative process. Maybe it’s the echoey lyrics being pulled like whispers between chords that keeps a parallel between the music and my brainwaves.

Some music you sing along to. Some music you dance to. And then there’s that music that you create to. That’s Hazes for me.

Check them out on Bandcamp. You can also find them on Soundcloud.

The featured image of this post belongs to Hazes band as seen on their Bandcamp profile.