Quick tip: Drupal menus, Hiding menu title

Since it is required to have a name for each menu, and no options to show or hide the menu title on the front end, I found myself fumbling for a way to hide the title, using native backend Drupal functionality.

Menu name is required here:
Home › Administer › Site building › Primary Links > Edit Menu

To hide your menu title, you have to go to Home › Administer › Site building › Blocks and click Configure next to the menu for which you want to hide the menu title. Once in the block configuration view for your menu, look for Block specific settings. All you have to do is put a space (spacebar) as the title, and nothing else.

Seems like there would be an option available to echo it to the front or not, but hope my little work around helps, and saves you some time.

Scenario: simple mock-feed

One page for news items listed as a DL in DT and DD tags. File / page will be updated by simply adding another set of DT and DL tags to the bottom of the list in code view.

Two instances of the mock-feeds:

Once on the front page of a site, displayed as a ticker with previous and next buttons as well as a “read more” link, using javascript and jquery.

Another instance is in the page containing the DL items. This will be pulled in as the content of another page, which displays the full article after clicking the “read more” from the front page ticker. There is also a small list / menu on the right hand side of the full feed display page that the user can use to click through all of the stories. Use javascript and jquery to show and hide the content. In code view, this is the original DL list of ALL the feed items.